Work Space


The Penn Graduate Paleography Group and the Penn Manuscript Collective both meet regularly in Vitale II.

Transcribing manuscripts? Planning a hackathon? Bringing together scholars from different schools to explore online pedagogy?  We invite you to use our space.

Vitale II is available as a space to meet and work together on initiatives or projects that use digital tools or methods to support cultural preservation and research. That said, this is a work space rather than a meeting room, so we will give priority to people using the technology and structure of the room to get work accomplished.

Upcoming Events
  • December 6, noon-1pm – Lunch presentation & discussion: Rebecca Stuhr and Vickie Karasic on Early Books Collective
  • December 14, 12:30-1:30pm – Geniza Project Workshop with Laura Eckstein and Amey Hutchins
  • January 17, noon-1pm – Lunch presentation & discussion: Lynn Ransom on the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts
  • January 24, noon-1pm – Lunch presentation: Lindsay Van Tine on the Early Novels Database